By ordering in the Regular Order Program before November 1, 2023, you are guaranteed the best prices and the largest selection of products customized for your school. If ordered, you will also receive a few of the most popular items you can use throughout your senior year (i.e. T-Shirt, Parent T-Shirt, Hoodie, Joggers, Keychain, Tumbler, Memory and Mega Tassel). Order now to avoid stress, price increases, and the possibility of missing out on a desired product.


HOW TO PLACE MY ORDER? You can place your order online at  www.atlgrad.com. **The Late Order Program begins November 1, 2023.**

WHO DO I SEND ANNOUNCEMENTS TO AND WHEN DO I MAIL THEM?   Announcements will be available to order online the first of the year. This is an announcement of your special achievement that you will want to share with family, friends, neighbors, and people who are important to you. It is not an invitation to the actual ceremony. In the event of a date, location or time change the announcements will not be reprinted. Proper etiquette suggests mailing your announcements to arrive two weeks before your graduation date. If required, your school will provide each senior with admission tickets.

DO MY ANNOUNCEMENTS HAVE MY NAME ON THEM?    Yes, Official Announcements include the student’s name. Printed commencement verbiage has been approved by the county/school level administration prior to printing. Due to the possibility of changes after printing, there will be no refunds issued on announcements if the text changes. However, correction cards will be made available upon school request. Your name will be printed on your announcement.  You should use your formal legal name. We use the exact name you enter when you place your order for your announcements, return address labels and diploma plaque. It is very important to enter your name using upper and lower case letters and leave a space in between your first, middle, and last name. If your name has a suffix, i.e. Jr., Sr, III, please enter it in the suffix field. You are limited to 33 characters including spaces for both all personalized items. Please double check to make sure all names are punctuated, and the spelling is correct. You will be responsible for the replacement cost on all items if the information provided is incorrect. Changes or cancellations must be made WITHIN 72 HOURS of placing your order.


WHAT DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED AND HOW CAN I PAY? WHEN IS MY BALANCE DUE?   A minimum deposit of $100.00 is required when you place your order. If the grand total is less than $100.00, that amount will need to be paid in full when the order is placed. Payment is due in full in the Late Order Program. We accept, Discover, MasterCard or Visa. Deposits are paid when order is submitted. FINAL BALANCE IS DUE BY FEBRUARY 1, 2024. 


HOW DO I ORDER MY CAP & GOWN? We need your gender, height, and weight. This information is kept confidential and ensures a proper fit. Regular caps are one size fits most. Size exchanges are available through our office. Please select one of the cap & gown packages for your specific school. Schools that use custom rentals keep the cap/tassel and return the rental gown after graduation. Diploma fees, when applicable, are included in the cap & gown pricing. All items ordered through ATLgrad MUST BE PAID IN FULL before your cap & gown will be released for pick-up.


WHAT TAX DO I USE?   Taxes will be calculated when you place your order online. Georgia State Law allows the shipping/handling charge to be taxed for the delivery of your order to the school.


WHAT HAPPENS IF I ORDER AFTER NOVEMBER 18th?   We have the Late Order Program that begins November 1, 2023. Payment is due in full in the Late Order Program. Your order is custom made and produced at one of our manufacturing plants and shipped to Georgia. Rush fees will apply on ALL cap & gown orders beginning January 1, 2024, and increase per month afterward. 


WHEN AND WHERE WILL I PICK UP MY ORDER?   Orders will be delivered to the school and will be distributed by your ATLgrad representative. You will be notified prior to the delivery date. Graduation Announcements will be mailed to the address you provide when you place your order.


WHAT IF I DO NOT GRADUATE?   Students that meet the school requirements for Graduation but elect not to participate in the Graduation Ceremony are not eligible for a refund on the Cap & Gown Unit. Cap & Gown Unit may be refunded if all unsettled balances and debts associated with your account are paid in their entirety and the student does not meet the school requirements to participate in the Graduation Ceremony.  You must contact our office in writing by email prior to graduation.  Additionally, the Cap & Gown Unit must be unused and in the original packaging and returned to our office prior to the Graduation Ceremony date to be considered for a refund.